Australian Patent Attorney Directory

A patent attorney will help you determine if your invention is new and innovative and therefore eligible to be patented. They are also trained broadly across the range of intellectual property rights and so are usually able to advise on a number of related intellectual property issues such as Trademarks, Designs and Copyright.

The Role of the Patent Attorney

The role of the patent attorney requires an undersanding of law, business and technology. Your attorney will typically have a degree in a science, engineering, technical or mathematics-based field. However, patent attorneys are not necessarily lawyers.

The type of work performed depends on your needs but typically the following activities are performed:

  • discussing inventive concepts with inventors or companies and ascertaining whether they are likely to succeed in being protected by a patent
  • studying and analysing scientific or technical documents, including previously published patents, to assess whether an invention is new and innovative
  • writing detailed descriptions of inventions and defining what is protected using precise legal terms (patent drafting)
  • suggesting modifications or extensions to the definition of the invention
  • applying for patents with the Patent Office in Australia
  • preparing responses to reports from patent examiners
  • ensuring application and renewal deadlines are met
  • working with solicitors and barristers to defend or enforce patents
  • conducting opposition proceedings before the Patent Office
  • advising overseas agents on applications for foreign patent applications
  • advising on whether business activities will infringe someone else's patent rights
  • dealing with assignments of patent (change of ownership) when a patent is sold or transferred
  • keeping up-to-date with legal developments in the intellectual property field
  • advising on other intellectual property rights, e.g. designs or trade marks

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You may need to seek the advice of a patent attorney at an early stage, to ensure that your innovation can be patented and that you take the necessary steps to keep the innovation secure. IP Australia - the Government agency responsible for administering patents

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